Risk communication and acceptance research

The research group "Public Relations and Communication of Technology" investigates the public perception and acceptance of CAMIL.

Public perception and acceptance

Since technological developments are always embedded in a social context, only the involvement of the population can provide information on how well autonomous shuttle services meet the actual demand and are met with acceptance. Both are decisive for a demanded use and the associated sustainable changes in the transport sector. However, a broad social debate, for example with regard to ethical questions, has not yet taken place.

Tatjana Faj

In order to counteract this and to involve the population of Ilmenau, the research group Public Relations and Communication of Technology is accompanying the bus service of CAMIL with communication science analyses of risk perception, acceptance and willingness to use among the population.

Quantitative surveys conducted before and after the introduction of the shuttles are a central research tool to compare expectations, fears and attitudes. In the context of media content analyses, thematic focal points and evaluations in the reporting are also examined, as this has an opinion-forming influence on public perception. The research results can, for example, produce important findings in the field of experienced driving comfort for the engineering sciences. But they also provide information about the areas in which educational work is still necessary so that the population can realistically assess the risks and opportunities of autonomous driving. In this way, a social discourse can also be conducted regionally in order to help shape the mobility of the future.

How can you get involved and support our project?

  • Take a ride with CAMIL. Here you'll find all the information you need about the route, travel times and ticket prices.
  • Tell us what you think. Here you will find various ways to contact us.
  • Transform mobility as we know it with us and help shape local transport in Ilmenau by taking part in our surveys:

All citizens of the city of Ilmenau can find our second survey on automated minibuses in the Amtsblatt issue of July 28, 2023.
Members of the TU Ilmenau can participate in our second online survey since July 13, 2023, which was sent via e-mail to the active-staff and active-students mailing lists.

A passenger survey on the driving experience with CAMIL will start soon, as well. You will find all the information here on the website shortly.